The Gazette partnered with the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce & EDC and DataJoe LLC, a Boulder-based data collection and analysis firm, to determine the top workplaces in the Colorado Springs area. Providing a program to help businesses better serve customers and employees — and recognize excellence — is a logical step for the local business community.

The Gazette sought nominees beginning June 26 and by Aug. 31 received nominations from 218 private, public, nonprofit and government organizations in the Pikes Peak region. Those organizations rolled out online surveys to employees by Sept. 9. Surveys had to be completed by Sept. 23.

Employees were asked to answer 24 questions about organizational health, engagement and leadership plus other areas like work-life balance, training, pay, benefits, corporate social responsibility and the COVID-19 pandemic. They rate their employers with scores ranging from 1-7: a score of 1 represented “strongly disagree,” 4 was neutral and 7 was “strongly agree.” Employees could also write comments on topics such as motivation, referrals of potential employees, retention, leadership, values and ethics, direction and cooperation.

Employers were required to have a response rate of at least 40% to be honored as a best workplace. Any employer with mostly negative responses was excluded. As a result of the increased participation, 110 employers were honored as best workplaces.

Employers were grouped into four categories by size — extra large with 300 or more employees; large with 76-299 employees; midsize with 30-75 employees; and small with 10-29 employees. Smaller employers tend to score higher than larger employers. Employers with fewer than 10 workers weren’t eligible for the program.

The 110 employers selected as Best Workplaces in Colorado Springs were honored during a virtual event Dec. 3. The Best Workplaces program is designed to be an annual free survey and workplace health analysis to identify companies that are creating strong, healthy workplace cultures.

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