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A 30-minute documentary that examines a fascinating and virtually forgotten slice of the early days of the National Basketball Association will be shown Monday night on Rocky Mountain PBS (RMPBS) at 10:30. This means Denver Nuggets fans can watch the documentary after Monday's game against the Heat.

From director Field Humphrey: 

"Featuring current NBA star Nikola Jokic, the story of former Duquesne star Jim Tucker’s 60-­year-­old record for fastest triple double is the stuff of legend. As told through sportswriters and former players, Tucker’s improbable place in the history books sheds a light on a time in the NBA not many are familiar with. Jim’s team, the Syracuse Nationals, revolutionized the game by helping to integrate the league and introducing the shot clock in an already turbulent time that saw the end of many small market teams.

Capitalizing on these changes, the Nationals won their first and only NBA Championship in 1955 before becoming the Philadelphia 76ers. This forgotten chapter of basketball provides a bittersweet dovetail into Jim’s current battle with Alzheimer’s. The moments spent with Jim and his wife revisiting his impressive life’s story open a larger commentary on what is truly worth remembering in life. Many of his achievements have faded from his recollection, but the people he touched live on in his memory in vivid contrast.

"We were comfortable doing a sports doc, but we also wanted to do something much more than that," director Humphrey said. "Even we were surprised how deep the story was, emotionally and personally."

The film will also aim to direct viewers to local resources provided by the Colorado chapter for Alzheimer's Association.

Jokic, the Nuggets 6-foot-11 star, broke Tucker's fastest triple-double record last season.

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