In Bong Joon Ho's acclaimed new film "Parasite," a poor family infiltrates a wealthy one with unexpected consequences. (Neon)

“Parasite” became the first non-English language film to win best picture in the 92-year history of the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

“Parasite” took Hollywood’s top prize, along with awards for best director, best international film and best screenplay. Here's our a recap of our live coverage:

9:36 - That's it for me. After 2200 words and four hours later, I am toast. I hope you enjoyed the ride. Now if you'll excuse me, the second season of "Kidding" and the final season of "Homeland" kick off tonight and I have even more TV to watch. Peace out!

9:29 - Someone tried to close the curtain on the "Parasite" group onstage but the crowd wouldn't have it! Tom Hanks is chanting to keep them onstage. Nice!

9:26 - "Parasite" wins! It's the first foreign language film to win best picture. Boon Joon Ho is going to get so hammered tonight. 

9:22 - Time for best picture. At this point, it has to be "Parasite."

9:14 - Renee Zellweger wins best actress, no surprise here either. 

9:11 - Joaquin Phoenix ended his acceptance speech with a song lyric from his deceased brother River. "Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow." He was choking up as he said it. 

9:06: - Joaquin Phoenix wins for "Joker." Jen Mulson called it. My runner up would have been Adam Driver. He was amazing in "Marriage Story," he'll win an Academy Award one day I'm sure.  

9:03 - Alright, here we go. Best actor followed by actress and picture. The Academy isn't messing around now. 

9:00 - It was John Singleton. He was just so young it slipped my mind. As you might expect, Kirk Douglas was the final person shown. 

8:56 - Time for the In Memoriam section. Let's see who I forgot had died in the last year. 

8:54 - Bong Joon Ho compliments Martin Scorsese, who gets a standing ovation. It's a touching moment. He also gives some love to Quentin Tarantino, Todd Philips and Sam Mendes. 

Bong Joon Ho again mentions, in English, how he will drink until tomorrow morning. He's going to have to wait until he picks up his best picture Oscar first. 

8:52 - Bong Joon Ho wins best director! Look out best picture, "Parasite" is coming for you!

8:46 - Elton John and Bernie Taupin win for original song. Elton sang it earlier in the show and considering his age (72) he sounds great. Catchy song too. 

8:43 - The original score Oscar goes to "Joker." The score was quite haunting and did a great job of setting the tone, another well deserved win. 

8:34 - Time for more Oscars trivia, this is in honor of "The Irishman," which hasn't won anything yet. 

Fast Fact #4 - Despite 11 nominations, Steven Spielberg's "The Color Purple" didn't win a single award in 1986. "Out of Africa" with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford was the big Oscar winner that year. 

8:27 - No surprise, "Parasite" wins best international feature film. Two BIG awards for "Parasite" so far. Is this foreshadowing a best picture win? 

"I'm ready to drink tonight," says the Korean director, in English. "Until the next morning." 

You deserve it!

8:23 - Did you know that 20 years ago the Oscars were stolen? It's true. I highly recommend reading this Vanity Fair story that gives all the fascinating details. 

8:16 - Makeup and hairstyling should have gone to "Joker" but it goes to "Bombshell." That said, I guess turning Charlize Theron into a duplicate of Megyn Kelly is pretty Oscar worthy.  

8:15 - Visual effects goes to "1917." Well deserved, it was a stunning film. 

8:06 - Oscar trivia time. This time it's on my favorite topic - fashion. 

Fast Fact #3 - In 1996 best actress nominee Sharon Stone ("Casino") skipped the high fashion designers and wore clothes on the red carpet from her own closet. The featured piece was a black mock turtleneck from The Gap. 

8:01 - A short segment on the upcoming Academy Museum. I'll only go if there's a place I can hold a real Oscar. Preferably Humphrey Bogart's. In related news it looks like Stephen Colbert has a side hustle. 

7:55 - I'd watch "Ford v Ferrari vs Farrell." By the way, "Ford v Ferrari" wins for film editing.

7:53 - Selena Meyer and Ron Burgundy come out to give out the cinematography Oscar to Roger Deakins for "1917." How does he only have TWO Oscars after being nominated 15 times?!? He's the Susan Lucci of cinematographers!

7:40 - Do you know what the difference is between sound editing and sound mixing? That's a serious question. I have no idea. Despite my ignorance, the Oscar for editing goes to my best picture pick, "1917."

7:38 - Sound editing goes to "Ford v Ferrari," I would have giving it to "Rise of the Skywalker" but I'm a bit biased. 

7:33 - Eminem (or who guy that sounds like him but doesn't look like him) just crushed the end of a musical montage. He sounded great! 

7:28 - "The Bachelor" is one of my many guilty pleasure shows. But this promo parody of "Ghost" is slightly disturbing. 

7:22 - Time for more Oscar trivia courtesy of my sponsor, Parade Magazine. 

Fast Fact #2 - Barbra Streisand ("Funny Girl") tied with Katharine Hepburn ("The Lion in Winter") for the best actress Oscar in 1969, with each receiving 3,030 votes. A tie has never occurred again in the acting category and has only happened five times total. 

7:18 - The best supporting actress Oscar goes to Laura Dern. I LOVE Laura Dern but I thought her character in "Marriage Story" was a bit over the top. I thought Florence Pugh was quite good in "Little Women" but maybe the Academy thinks she's too young. 

7:16 - When I die I want my life story to be narrated by Mahershala Ali. He's like a young James Earl Jones. I can just hear him saying, "Terry was born a small boy on the mean streets of Liverpool..."

7:14 -  "Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You're a Girl)" wins for best short documentary. I've never seen it but that's a pretty attention getting movie title. 

7:12 - Best documentary feature goes to "American Factory." Whenever I see the films nominated in this category I feel guilty that I don't watch enough documentaries. How dare you make me feel guilty for watching Disney Plus everyday! 

7:04 - Time for some locally sourced Oscar's trivia. I found it in today's Parade Magazine in the Sunday Gazette. This one seems relevant because this hostless Oscars seems to be zipping by.  

Fast fact #1 - The 1959 ceremony ended 20 minutes ahead of schedule, which left Jerry Lewis to entertain the crowd. He cracked jokes, conducted the orchestra and attempted to play the trumpet. At one point Dean Martin came out and grabbed a "leftover" Oscar. 

7:00 - Costume design goes to "Little Women." Congrats!

6:57 - "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" wins for production design. Gotta give credit where its due, it was a very authentic looking film. 

6:54 - Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig are out to present. Is Amy Poehler okay? I've never seen Poehler and Rudolph not present together at an award show. 

6:49 - "The Neighbors Widow" wins for live action short. I'll ask Seth Boster if it was any good. 

6:47 - On a related note, Taika Waititi is now a member of the Cool Name All-Stars, joining the likes of Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong'o, the previously mentioned Idina Menzel, Timothee Chalamet and Chiwetel Ejiofor. 

6:45 - The best adapted screenplay Oscar goes to Taika Waititi. Nice! I loved the film "What we do in the shadows" and the work he did on "Thor: Ragnarok." Now I really want to see "JoJo Rabbit." 

6:40 Bong Joon Ho and Han Jin Won win the best original screenplay Oscar for "Parasite." Well deserved, it easily had the most fascinating story of all the best picture nominees. 

6:37 - Kelly Marie Tran just got more screen time at the Oscars than she did during all of "Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker."

6:29 - Song time. This one from Idina Menzel, whose name John Travolta famously couldn't pronounce (see below). Now's a good time to grab some snacks. According to the Mrs. we have chips. No pizza rolls this year! Someone on staff here is going to get a strongly worded email. 

6:26 - "Hair Love" wins for best animated short. I don't watch a lot of short films, let alone animated ones, so if you've seen it let me know what you think. 

6:23 - The best animated feature Oscar goes to "Toy Story 4." I'm kind of surprised. "Klaus" seemed to be gaining momentum and for a Pixar film, "Toy Story 4" was a bit underwhelming. 

6:18 - When Regina King isn't presenting awards, she's starring in Cadillac commercials during every break. You're getting your weekly Regina dosage in one night!

6:16 - The best supporting Oscar goes to Brad Pitt for his role in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." Even Gazette features writer Jen Mulson called this one in our latest Weekly Top 5 video, and she rarely goes to the movies. 

6:12 - Always enjoy how the Oscars starts with a significant award, then takes two hours to get to another important one. 

6:08 - Steve Martin and Chris Rock are out to warm up the crowd. They balance each other quite well. Here's my favorite zinger from Rock: "Jeff Bezos is so rich he got divorced and is still the richest man in the world." 

6:06 - Great performance by Janelle Monae to start the show. I'm pretty sure there's nothing she can't do. 

5:59 - As for "Once Upon a Time.." and "Joker?" To me these were the two most divisive films. Tarantino is a guy most people either adore or hate. I'm somewhat in the middle, sort of. I don't really like a few of his films, others I really enjoy. "Once Upon a Time..." was an interesting movie but as I get older Tarantino's machismo trope gets less appealing. 

When it comes to "Joker" I went into it a bit concerned. Several people told me it was disturbing. It was, but not in the way I expected. I think the film says A LOT about how mental health is dealt with in our country. This is something The Gazette addressed throughout 2019. 

5:55 - For the record, I really enjoyed all seven films, which is pretty rare for me when it comes to best picture nominees. That said, my degrees of enjoyment varied.

The cinematography in "1917" blew me away. I left the theater wondering how Sam Mendes filmed it. "Parasite" was flat out brilliant. The story was just amazing. I really liked "Marriage Story" but if you've ever been through a divorce it was tough to watch. 

The Mrs. and I just saw "Little Women" yesterday. It was a good film but the pacing was a bit slow and the frequent time hopping was somewhat disorienting. I also enjoyed "The Irishman" but it was so dense. I had to watch it in three one hour shifts to get through it. 

5:47 - By the way, here are my rankings for the seven best picture nominees I saw. 

  • 1. "1917"
  • 2. "Parasite"
  • 3. "Joker"
  • 4. "Marriage Story"
  • 5. "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"
  • 6. "Little Women" 
  • 7. "The Irishman"

5:44 - I've seen all of the best picture nominees except for "JoJo Rabbit" and "Ford v Ferrari." Not because I didn't want to but because they had either limited showtimes available or weren't available to rent.

I keep saying this but once a movie is nominated for an Oscar, every best picture nominee should be rentable. Only one film will win best picture so squeeze every buck out of your movie while it's still relevant. No one is going to be watching "Ford v Ferrari" after tonight. 

Welcome to The Gazette's 2020 Academy Awards live blog! I'm your host, pop culture obsessive, Terry Terrones. 

I'm here at luxurious Casa de Terrones at the foot of Pikes Peak. Tonight my plus 1 1/2 are my wife, who I refer to as "The Mrs.", and my dog Butters, who treats me like a human pillow. As this is the Oscars, I'm dressed to impress, wearing my finest tuxedo t-shirt, dachshund pajama pants and warmest "Veep" socks. I'm not going to make Good Housekeeping's "Most Talked About Oscar Dresses of All Time" list but at least I made an effort. 

During tonight's Academy Awards I'll be providing commentary, some Oscar's trivia and a few photos of some of the strange events that are likely to occur tonight.

Like last year, no one is hosting the Oscars so we won't see Ellen ordering pizza and sharing it with celebrity friends. We also won't get to witness Billy Crystal dressed up as Hannibal Lecter, watch James Franco and Anne Hathaway bumble their way through a monologue or see ageless wonder Rob Lowe "sing" and dance with Snow White. It's 11 1/1 minutes of your life you'll never get back, don't watch it. 

That said, this is the Academy Awards so something weird is bound to happen. If you'd like to be part of the conversation, you can comment on this post or you can email me at terry.terrones@gazette.com

Before we get started, I'd highly recommend reading "The best movies of 2019 that the Oscars missed" from my colleague Seth Boster. He has takes on a few movies I didn't get to see. 

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