Colorado Springs has some uniquely named streets and among the most unusual is Cache la Poudre. 

Our city has many Spanish influenced street names but Cache la Poudre is the rare French named street and translates to "cache of powder," or less formally, "hide the powder."

According to a likely apocryphal 1883 story told by Abner Loomis to the Fort Collins Courier, in 1836 a large party of trappers were on their way from St. Louis to Wyoming and they camped in Colorado near what would eventually be the Cache la Poudre River.

A heavy snowstorm stopped the group from moving on. After the storm ended, orders were given to lighten the loads of wagons. A big pit was dug and spare supplies were then put into the pit and it was covered up and hidden.

The group came back months later and retrieved their stash of cache. A large amount of the cache was gun powder, which led to the name Cache La Poudre, which is what the nearby river would later be named. General Palmer would eventually name a Colorado Springs city street after this river.

So how do you pronounce Cache la Poudre? The most common pronunciation is "Cash la Pooder" but a majority of locals just call it "Cash." 

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