Students competed in the 42nd annual Math Day Swanson and Math Bowl competitions in the Life Sciences building on the Colorado State University-Pueblo campus. Photo courtesy of CSU-Pueblo

Pikes Peak region students took top honors during the recent 42nd annual Math Day Swanson and Math Bowl competitions at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

The winner of the 2019 Math Bowl was Coronado High School in Colorado Springs School District 11, with team members Aidan Janney, Devon McClure and Ankle Nelsestven. Charles Sharman was the school sponsor.

Semifinalists included Pine Creek High School in Academy School District 20 with team members Kyle Ma, Drew Puglise and Angel Wang. April Pierce as the school sponsor.

Mesa Ridge High in Widefield School District 3 was a semifinalist as well, with team members Emma Gaviola, Braylee Cumro and Joseph Hunter. David Grapes III was the school sponsor.

The competition involves two three-person teams going head-to-head in a 15-minute race for points.

Each team alternately is given a mathematical question and has 25 seconds to respond. A consolation round is available during competition.

Winning teams compete and advance through the bracket to the final round for the top winners.

In addition, the 125 competing high school students from southern Colorado took an in-depth, problem-solving math exam in the Swanson Competition, named for a longtime math department chair at the college.

Earning individual trophies were:

First place: Kyle Ma, Pine Creek High School

Second place: Lauren Shrack, Pine Creek High School

Third place: Anke Nelsestven, Coronado High School

Fourth place: Kevin Dunn, Doherty High School

Earning honorable mentions were:

Aidan Janney, Coronado High School

Angelina LoCricchio, Doherty High School

Drew Puglise, Pine Creek High School

Zevan Scott, Coronado High School

Ethan Stark, Fountain–Fort Carson High

Angel Wang, Pine Creek High School

Students from Mesa Ridge, Rocky Ford, Fountain Ft. Carson, Cripple Creek, Centauri, Pueblo East, Doherty, Widefield, Pine Creek, Coronado, Pueblo Centennial, Swink, Rye and Pueblo Central participated this year.

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