The 20 graduating high school seniors who win the Best & Brightest scholarship are different each year, but their accomplishments have been consistently stellar for three decades.

Since the annual community recognition program began 30 years ago, The Gazette’s Best & Brightest award has drawn the best of the best.

More than 100 students applied for this year’s award, sponsored by The Gazette Charities Foundation and the ARDI Foundation, which, in support of academic excellence, provides endowed academic chairs at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Outstanding academic achievements and contributions to the community are among the criteria 20 prominently community leaders looked for in judging the 2021 applicants.

Winners receive $500 and individual profiles in The Gazette detailing their successes. Profiles will be published beginning on Monday.

Many previous recipients have gone on to realize personal, professional and civic triumphs.

This year’s winners are:

• Aadi Nashikkar, The Colorado Springs School

• Abraham “Brima” Kamara, William J. Palmer High School

• Atharva Vispute, Rampart High School

• Brooke Heinicke, Cheyenne Mountain High School

• Gisselle Zamora Ruelas, Harrison High School

• Henry W. Taylor, Lewis-Palmer High School

• Jace Leimkuhl, Mesa Ridge High School

• Jack O’Neil, The Village High School

• Jevon McKinney, Widefield High School

• Joselyne Cimpaye, Harrison High School

• Karah Harris, Vista Ridge High School

• Kathryn Kummel, William J. Palmer High School

• Lauren Shrack, Pine Creek High School

• Lena Olsen, Pine Creek High School

• My Linh Bui, Coronado High School

• Oliver Nguyen-Lopez, Rampart High School

• Rachel Suter, Pine Creek High School

• Sierra Dooley, Manitou Springs High School

• Tiia Shea, Discovery Canyon Campus High School

• Vrushali Patel, Discovery Canyon Campus High School

Honorable Mentions went to:

• Alden Kruse, home school

• Caleb Boutelle, Pine Creek High School

• Lindsay Baker, Pine Creek High School

• Ritarka Samanta, Cheyenne Mountain High School

• Sara Conroy, Pine Creek High School

• Sydney Jones, Rampart High School

• Gabriella “Gabby” Ward, Palmer Ridge High School

• Kimberly Jones, Rampart High School

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