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Families and friends wait for their movie to start at the Mesa Drive-In in Pueblo, Colorado, on June 20, 2015.  Photo by Logan Riely, The Gazette

At a time when many people are searching for something to do that's fun, safe and out of the house, Colorado's drive-in movie theaters are answering the call.

With the news that 88 Drive In Theatre in Commerce City plans to open this week, eight of Colorado's nine drive-ins will again be up and running, much to the excitement of entertainment-seekers.

That leaves one lone theater in the state that is still closed for the season. And it's the one closest to Colorado Springs. 

Pueblo's Mesa Drive In's usual spring opening is delayed due to COVID-19 concerns.

The team behind the three-screen drive-in "can't say for sure" when you'll be able to see a movie there again, according to a statement to The Gazette.

What's stopping them? Staff members say they're "trying to figure out the governor's (and) health department's new regulations" and "also the liability issues with the insurance company."

The theater's insurance company "does not cover virus-related claims," they said.

"So right now we're wait and see." 

That statement comes more than a month after a cautiously hopeful post on the drive-in's Facebook page.

"Looks like rules might be starting to loosen a little," the post said. "We're looking at ways to try to address some of the issues. What to do about movies since the studios are not releasing new film. What do we do about ticket sales, what do we do about parking, what do we do about concession food sales, and lastly what do we do about the restrooms? We will keep everybody posted." 

Apparently, the answers to those questions still haven't been figured out at the Mesa Drive In.

The 88 Drive In Theatre is slated to open on Friday, following weeks of confusion surrounding reopening guidelines from the Tri-County Health Department. 

The health department ultimately stated that "drive-in movie theaters in Colorado are allowed to reopen with social distancing restrictions." 
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