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Karaoke at Thunder and Buttons March 22, 2013. Photo by Jeff Kearney

Not sure how to still do your weekly date night? Can't figure out how you're going to keep your family entertained for the foreseeable future? We've got you covered.

Read below for eight easy ideas to keep you and your family entertained.

1. Host a digital happy hour with friends. Just because restaurants might not be running their usual happy hours, doesn't mean it's canceled all together! Set a time for you and your friends to get together online or over the phone, grab your drinks and have fun. Some local artists are even performing online during prime happy-hour times, so you can have live music, too.

'Live from quarantine' Local artists play online concerts amid show cancellations

You can also support some of your local businesses by going and picking up pre-made drinks from them. Delivery and take-out of alcohol is allowed currently.

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Applications like Zoom or Webex are great free options for meeting online, if you need one.

2. Have a backyard picnic. Already tired of being cooped up in the house? Go out back and set up a picnic for your family. This is a great option for not only families, but couples as well. Add some candles and make it dinner - and you've got a date night.

Missing your favorite dinner place for date night? Call and see if they offer takeout. You can get some fresh air, eat your favorite dinner and support local businesses.

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3. Have a board game night. Great for both families and couples, having a game night either in your house or in the backyard is a great way to pass the time while having fun. Some board games even have fun ways to make them more interactive with funny penalties you can add or life-size options you can make at home.

4. Host a Netflix watch party with your friends. Google Chrome has an extension called Netflix Party that allows multiple people to join and watch Netflix together. It's free and syncs up your videos so you call all have a movie night together. Make popcorn and call up your friends.

If you're all already watching Netflix, we might as well be doing it together.

5. Have a karaoke night online with friends, or at home with family. If you miss going out on a Friday or Saturday night for some karaoke, look no further. One great option is to call your friends up, and take turns with some fun karaoke songs. If you're at home with family, get together and get singing!

YouTube has lots of free karaoke videos, but another good site is Karafun. A subscription is required but offers a little more customization for the songs, and offline options if your internet goes down.

6. Work on a puzzle. This is a classic for a reason. You can order a puzzle online from Amazon or grab one from a superstore next time you're there for groceries. Depending on the puzzle this can be great for families, but also date nights! Grab a bottle of wine, your favorite puzzle and get to it!

7. Have your own paint and wine night. Companies like Painting With a Twist are offering at-home kits and instructions for their ever popular painting classes. You can pick a painting online, and they will bring it to your car with curb-side pickup. Grab a bottle of wine and you have an easy date night at home.

They have several easier painting options for children as well.

8. Solve a crime. Are you a true-crime junkie? Hunt a Killer is an interactive subscription-based game that allows players to act as detectives and solve crimes. The kits come with all the tools needed to solve the crime, and can last for hours.

This is a great and fun option for both date nights and also family nights for those with older children.

9. Watch a Broadway show. With so many people being stuck at home, large institutions such as PBS and The Metropolitan Opera are offering free viewing to some of their iconic shows and operas. The Metropolitan Opera is offering a free nightly shows of their most popular operas like the Sound of Music and Cats. It changes every night so this is a wonderful option for any day of the week!

Free Broadway, Metropolitan Opera, arts performances online

10. Go to a museum. Well, at least go on a tour of one. Museums like the Smithsonian Institution and the Louvre are offering digital tours on their websites for those who want to see the museum but can't leave home. These can be accessed anytime, and make for a great immersive date night. Pair it with some french wine and cheese and you might as well be in Paris!

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