Black Monarch Hotel

Photo by Cait Falc, courtesy The Black Monarch Hotel.

Whether you believe in spirits from beyond or not, this haunted hotel in Colorado is sure to send shivers down your spine. From stories of paranormal activity to serial killer-themed rooms, book a night here if you dare.

Offering great views of the Sangre De Cristo mountain range, The Black Monarch Hotel is located in Victor, Colorado – just minutes from Cripple Creek and a variety of historical hiking trails including the Vindicator Valley Trail. Given the stunning setting, it may be hard to believe that this vintage hotel has more of a dark and mysterious side.

Many of the hotel guests have reported strange encounters – claiming to hear laughing, shouting, and loud partying noises throughout the night. When checked no one was there. Mysterious footsteps have also been heard.

The Black Monarch Hotel is inspired by horror, vintage design, and legendary serial killers. Every room is furnished with luxurious bedding and linens, featuring a collection of creepy antiques and vintage wall art. Private rooms feature access to shared bathrooms and a full-size kitchen.

Serial killer themes range from H.H Holmes, who is widely known as the master of Chicago’s Murder Castle, to the 16th century Hungarian Queen Elizabeth Báthory, who believed killing servants and bathing in their blood would restore her youth.

The H.H. Holmes Room features over-the-top elements including medical prints, newspaper articles, maps of his murder hotel, and photos of H.H. Holmes. The Elizabeth Báthory room comes complete with a large canopy bed with dark heavy sheers and a black chandelier. For those who favor more of a local legend opposed to a killer, there’s the Nikola Tesla room – perfect for history buffs. Local folklore is that Tesla was responsible for the original wiring of the building.

The hotel’s haunted legacy goes back to the gold rush days, when it was rebuilt as a casino, saloon, and brothel after a fire in 1899.

Locals share their version of what they believed happened, with some saying that the hotel is haunted by a miner who was shot and killed in a gunfight on a New Year’s Eve during the Wild West Era. Others have claimed to see a female appearing at top of the hotel staircase.

Hotel owner, Adam Zimmerli has big plans to for expansion. Long-term renovations will include a roof-top patio, 7 new rooms on the upper level, and private bathrooms in each individual room. For more details and hotel reservations, click here.

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