At 46, Joseph Campana, with more than 30 years’ experience bartending and cooking, has amassed a list of themed Colorado Springs eateries over the past eight years that include The Rabbit Hole, SuperNova, Bonny and Read, Stir Coffee & Cocktails, Cork & Cask and Shame & Regret. A second SuperNova is scheduled to open in Old Colorado City, and a tiki bar is under construction downtown.

Here's our extensive interview and story with Campana, and a quick Q&A.

Question: Six words to describe you?

Answer: Honest, humble, gambler, jokester, faithful, workaholic

Q. Proudest moment as a restaurant owner?

A. Walking into The Rabbit Hole and seeing a packed crowd and knowing the concept works.

Q. Favorite ingredient?

A. Garlic

Q. Favorite local ingredient?

A. Spices from the Savory Spice Shop

Q. One food you detest?

A. Mushrooms

Q. Foods you can't live without?

A. Chinese food

Q. Hardest lesson you've learned?

A. Not giving myself enough time off. Working 90 hours a week is too much. Life is too short.

Q. Best food city in America?

A. Las Vegas

Q. Weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

A. Lamb eyeball

Q. Current Colorado Springs culinary genius?

A. Jered (Wilkerson) he’s only 21 and runs The Rabbit Hole and Josh (Kelly) I’ve promoted him to corporate chef to oversee all my kitchens. Both are very talented.

Q. You're making a pizza - what's on it?

A. Not pineapple! Onions, peppers, meatballs, cheese, pepperoni and bacon

Q. Favorite restaurant other than your own?

A. Summit (The Broadmoor) and MacKenzie’s (Chop House)

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