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Thirty plays in 60 minutes.

Sounds doable, right? Sometimes, if all the Legos click into place.

The concept of Greg Allen’s 1988 quirky theater creation “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind” is enticing. Audience members are handed a menu that lists the titles of 30 numbered original plays. As the show begins, the crowd is asked to yell out the number of the play they want to see, and a timer counts down each sketch. Each piece is roughly two minutes, though some clock in at 30 seconds, and the material varies wildly: monologues, performance art, comedic, political, tragic. Sometimes the six-person cast plows through them all; sometimes it doesn’t.

The show, which made its debut at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College in 2016, is back for an encore run with its original actors Friday through July 21. Those who saw it the first time need not worry. All 30 plays are different.

“The concept of the show is just as important as the content,” said director Scott RC Levy, who’s also producing artistic director and director of performing arts at the FAC. “The question is, why does it change? The answer is, some of them have audience interaction. Or the time to set up one play to the next play is longer than expected.”

“Flammable Pants,” “Mr. Science Demonstrates Othello” and “Genre Play No. 6” are a few of the plays set for the stage. Some of the sketches feature the whole cast. Others only have one actor. Each actor is in about 15 of the plays. And audience members often become part of the skits as well.

One important tidbit: If a performance sells out, the FAC will adhere to this particular play’s tradition of ordering pizza to celebrate. Hope you’re not hungry, though.

“At some point during the course of the performance, a pizza man will walk in and that will be its own experience,” said Levy. “We order one pizza and cut it into 100 pieces.”


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