- Something about practicing yoga outside makes me feel at home in nature. This peaceful sensation nearly tripled when I took a class from Dragonfly Paddle Yoga on the water. Paddleboards increased the usual challenge by ensuring that every pose was a balance pose. But lying in my final savasana with the sound of water lapping at my sides was pure bliss. Accessible to all skill levels. Rates vary. dragonflypaddleyoga.com.

- Writer and classical musician Aja Gabel follows the lives of a four-piece classical music ensemble in the appropriately named novel “The Ensemble,” released earlier this year. Her beautiful, lyrical writing stretches across the page as she recounts the struggles and triumphs of her four main characters and their loved ones. She was inspired by her own encounter with a string quartet during her music schooling, believing it would be rich fodder for a book. She wasn’t wrong. It’s available on Amazon here.

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