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A customer walks into Amy's Donuts in Colorado Springs.

Southsiders swear by Amy's Donuts, the colorful staple overflowing with colorful creations. At Monument's Horseshoe Donuts, the dough and icing are good and plenty. A year ago, Hurts Donut Co. joined the competition with a store in northeast Colorado Springs (6165 Barnes Road). Locals are discovering the chain that claims "really, really, really freaking good donuts." Between the varieties topped with your favorite chocolate bar or cereal, you’re sure to find something you love. Late-night craving? Hurts is proudly 24/7.

Founded in 2013 in Springfield, Mo., Hurts takes its name from an old joke. A prankster asks if you'd like a "hurts donut." A "yes" answer gets you a punch in the arm as the practical joker teases, "hurts, don't it?" The Hurts Donut logo also features a bandage affixed to a doughnut.

Biscuits coming without boundaries in Colorado Springs

The chain boasts 19 stores nationwide. More are on the way, including a planned location in Parker.

The Gazette's Rich Laden contributed to this story.

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