“Wheelcair Space Kitchen” project at Meow Wolf Denver.

Families and art enthusiasts from across the metro area soon will be able to experience Denver's newest art venue as Meow Wolf's third permanent exhibition is scheduled to open next month.

The company, whose immersive art venues have captivated audiences in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Las Vegas, will open its newest permanent exhibit, Convergence Station, in Denver on Sept. 17, the company announced Tuesday.

"This exhibition is unlike anything you've ever seen," said Chadney Everett, executive creative director of Meow Wolf Denver. "Convergence Station is Meow Wolf. From The Swamp to The Cathedral -- there's a strong narrative to be uncovered should you choose, alongside mind-bending art from the many talented creatives that have worked so hard to bring the vision to life.

"We can't wait for everyone to explore."

Entry to Convergence Station will cost $35 for state residents and $45 for all others.

The exhibition is located in a four-story, 90,000-square-foot building at the intersection of Interstate 25 and West Colfax Avenue and will be three to four times larger than its Santa Fe exhibit, House of Eternal Return. 

Convergence Station "depicts dozens of converged worlds including portals and wormholes between them," The Denver Gazette previously reported. 

New Mexico-based Meow Wolf's third permanent exhibit will showcase art that was created in collaboration with over 110 local artists and more than 300 artists to bring the Convergence Station to life.

"Muralists, sculptors, fiber artists, and technologists, to name a few, have come together to create a one-of-a-kind installation that will leave visitors appreciating what it really means to be immersed in a narrative," officials said in a release.

Several notable artists who contributed to Convergence Station include Kalyn Heffernan, Christopher Nelson, Everything is Terrible!, Molina Speaks, Sofia Birkin and Moment Factory. The company also teamed up with multimedia studio Moment Factor. 

"Denver's art scene is active and vibrant, making it the perfect place for our next exhibition," Everett said.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by clicking here

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