Kristen Stewart

Actress Kristen Stewart donning a naked mole rat T-shirt from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Actress Kristen Stewart, star of the “Twilight” films and an upcoming “Charlie’s Angels” reboot, showed her appreciation over the weekend for one of Colorado Springs’ more unusual residents.

At the close of “Saturday Night Live,” Stewart — who was hosting — was seen wearing a naked mole rat T-shirt from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

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Zoo employees were surely as surprised as anyone at having one of their featured residents appear on a T-shirt during a national televised show. The zoo’s Twitter page said it was “fun to see naked mole rats getting the attention they deserve.”

It wasn’t the first time Stewart had worn the shirt in public. Prior to a September appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” she could be seen wearing the same shirt while walking into the studio.

If you’re looking to replicate Stewart’s unique look, however, you’re out of luck. The shirt she sported on “Saturday Night Live” was available for a limited time to zoo members in 2011. It hasn’t been confirmed whether Stewart visited Colorado Springs or was a member of the zoo.

In the meantime, you can still get a naked mole rat fix in person — at the zoo’s Primate World building.

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