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Metalcore band Killswitch Engage will perform Monday with Australia-based metal band Parkway Drive at City Auditorium.

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The longtime drummer for metalcore band Killswitch Engage is all metal, all the time. Except for when he’s not. And, in reality, that’s a pretty good portion of the day.

“I don’t spend all day listening to metal music, especially at this point,” said Justin Foley from his home in Port St. Lucie, Fla. “That’s far down on the list at this point. I’m not sure why. Maybe we’re just too old.”

One of his favorite genres is actually classical music. After earning a master’s degree in percussion from The Hartt School in West Hartford, Conn., Foley made a living by freelancing, which included sitting in with various symphonies. He had to stop when his touring life got too busy.

“I loved it,” he said. “Being on stage with a symphony is powerful. It’s beautiful. When it’s good, it’s emotional. When any music is good, it’s like that.”

Killswitch Engage and Australia-based metal band Parkway Drive will perform Monday at City Auditorium during a stop on the “Collapse the World Tour.” Metal band After the Burial and hardcore punk band Vein will open the show.

Killswitch Engage formed in 1999 in Westfield, Mass. Foley joined in 2003. The five-person band rose to fame with the release of its third album, 2004’s “The End of Heartache,” which peaked at No. 21 on the Billboard charts and earned a 2005 Grammy nomination for metal performance for its title track. Other popular songs include “My Curse,” “The Arms of Sorrow” and “In Due Time.”

“Incarnate,” the group’s seventh album, was released in 2016. It was the second record since original vocalist Jesse Leach returned to the group after abruptly quitting in 2002. He performed his first show back with the band in 2012.

“Leach is the true star of this show. ... Despite still occasionally erring towards po-faced earnestness, his impassioned and fiery performance ensures that ‘Incarnate’ is a brash reaffirmation of this band’s superiority over their peers,” wrote The Guardian critic Dom Lawson in 2016.

The guys have been in the studio and plan to release another album this year, though Foley says they probably won’t be playing any new stuff at the upcoming show.

“On the last few records we had some songs that are a little different than what people might expect,” he said, “but it still sounds like us.”


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