BJs Velvet Freez
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#6 BJ's Velvet Freeze: Photo of BJ’s Velvet Freezings taken on May 5, 2019. Photo by Terry Terrones, The Gazette.

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As the weather starts to heat up, I look forward to making frequent visits to one of my favorite local hangouts, BJ’s Velvet Freez (1511 N. Union Blvd.).

It opened as a Tastee Freez in 1954 but became BJ’s when Bob and Jesse bought it in 1970.

The Houger family has owned BJ’s Velvet Freez since 1989 and has maintained the high-quality food and service that has made the drive-thru a Colorado Springs institution.

The BJ’s menu features French fries, burgers and sandwiches, but I’m a sucker for a Boston Shake — an ice cream sundae on top of a shake.

Pure gluttony!

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Terry is a journalist and social media manager for The Gazette. He's a graduate of the University of Denver, loves the Denver Broncos, and is a member of the Television Critics Association and Broadcast Television Journalists Association.

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