Emilia Clarke in a scene from season 8 of "Game of Thrones."

Sure you've read all the books, have fond memories of Syrio Forel and can spell Illyrio Mopatis without looking it up, but how well do you really know "Game of Thrones?"

Or to be more precise, how well do you know the intricacies of creating the series? HBO recently released a laundry list of statistics and facts about the show's production and they're impressive.

Check out some of the numbers below and blow your friends' minds as you prep for the last season of one of the most popular TV show's in recent memory. The eighth and final season of "Game of Thrones" premieres Sunday, April 14 at 7 p.m. on HBO.

1. Belfast, Northern Ireland is home to Titanic Studios, which has six shooting stages that housed the interiors of Winterfell, Castle Black, High Hall of the Eyrie, the Sky Cells in the Eyrie, the Hall of Faces, the House of Black and White, the Great Sept of Baelor, the Great Pyramid of Meereen Throne Room and the  King's Landing Throne Room.

2. Over the course of eight seasons 12,137 wigs and hairpieces were used. Deanerys' wig color and style are the result of more than two months of testing and seven prototypes.

3. The series has filmed in 10 countries, including Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Morocco, Malta, Spain, Croatia, Iceland, United States, Canada and Scotland. There have been 50 locations in Ireland, including 49 in Northern Ireland and one in the Republic of Ireland. Season 8 was filmed in Northern Ireland, Spain, Iceland and Canada.

4. "Game of Thrones" is broadcast in 207 countries and territories and simulcast in 194 countries and territories.

5. U.S. viewership (in millions) for each season was: Season one - 9.3; season two - 11.6; season three - 14.4; season four - 19.1; season five - 20.2; season six - 25.7; season seven - 32.8.

6. Since season four, the special effects teams utilized 24,421 pounds of silicone for prosthetics. The longest prosthetics applications were for the Children of the Forest and the Mountain, which took seven hours.

7. During all eight seasons, and specific to production in Northern Ireland, 3,748 pounds of rubber and 1.5 tons of metal were used for armory, with 1,300 shields created. Additionally, production used: 4,000 gallons of artificial blood; 20,907 candles; 25 miles of rope; and 50 miles of fabric for costumes.

8. The series has used 12,986 extras in Northern Ireland alone and 2,000 Northern Ireland crew members across the series' eight seasons. Overall, the show totaled 105,846 days for extras across all seasons and countries.

9. Over the first seven seasons, "Game of Thrones" received a total of 132 Emmy nominations and 47 wins; seven Golden Globe nominations and one win; 18 SAG Award nominations and seven wins; 17 Critics' Choice Award nominations and one win; and seven AFI award wins.

Terry is a journalist for The Gazette. He's a graduate of the University of Denver, loves the Denver Broncos, and is a member of the Television Critics Association and Critics Choice Association.

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