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The scene at Kilroy’s Workshop in Colorado Springs.

Two Kilroy’s Workshop bladesmiths will compete Wednesday on the History channel reality TV competition “Forged in Fire.”

Jason Coy, Trinity Trout and two other competitors will go up against each other on the two-hour season premiere at 7 p.m. Each episode pits four master bladesmiths against each other, as they forge some of history’s most well-known edged weapons. Once created, judges test the weapons. The last blacksmith standing takes home a $10,000 jackpot.

Coy first learned the art of metalworking at Colorado Springs-based Kilroy’s before moving to Missouri, though he still calls Kilroy’s his home forge. The Pueblo-based Trout works out of Kilroy’s with shop owner Ron Hardman, who helped train him for the popular show.

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“I heard somebody say one time it’s the nicest reality show on TV, and it’s all about deadly weapons,” Hardman said. “It’s a very friendly competition. Lots of camaraderie.”

Hardman, who competed with his daughter on a family edition of the show in 2019, took home the grand prize by crafting the famous rapier from the movie “The Princess Bride.” Altogether, seven “Forged in Fire” contestants have used Kilroy’s Workshop as their home forge.

Colorado Springs father, daughter compete on History channel's 'Forged in Fire'

“We’re the world’s largest bladesmithing school,” Hardman said.

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