Two Colorado Springs “Forged in Fire” champions aren’t about to let a virus keep them from their anvils.

Ron Hardman, owner of Kilroy’s Workshop, and Weston Paas, owner of Heart’s Fire Forge, former winners on the History channel’s popular reality TV show, will compete virtually against two other “Forged in Fire” champions during a livestream from 2 to 5 p.m. Friday on Facebook ( Challenges). The event is not associated with the TV show or production company.

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The four former winners, including New York-based F. Page Steinhardt and Texas-based Donald Halter, will take to their home forges and create a dagger with a 10-inch blade that has two symmetrical edges, all while broadcasting live.

Hardman invites forgers from around the world to fire up their own home forge and work alongside the competitors. Anyone who completes the project can post a photo of their dagger to the Facebook page. About 250 around the world have signed up to participate.

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“I know a bunch of people who have home forges and people around the world who could do it,” Hardman said.

“They’re in season eight casting (for ‘Forged in Fire’) right now, but it’s on hold. There are all those guys who have been cast who can’t do it. I thought it would be fun to throw out a virtual challenge to take on four winners.”

The prize? $100,000. As in, a 100 Grand candy bar. That, and bragging rights, of course.

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As for a replay of the competition, Hardman says if the livestream isn’t a “train wreck,” he’ll get one up online.

“Our train wreck will be at least humorous or at least more pleasant than the news,” he said. “There’s no cost to this. It’s meant to be a community when community is awfully tough.”

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