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Arianna Danielson appears on HGTV’s “Design Star: Next Gen,” which streams on Wednesdays on discovery+.

On the second episode of HGTV’s new show “Design Star: Next Gen,” Arianna Danielson showed off her skills when it comes to TikTok and transformation.

And it paid off.

Danielson, a 29-year-old Colorado Springs-based designer, wowed the judges enough to continue her journey on the reality competition show.

During the episode, which was titled “Transformers!” and dropped Wednesday, contestants were tasked with designing a home office space that could easily be shifted into a party room. As part of her colorful space, Danielson built two desks that transformed into pieces of art as well as a bulletin board that transformed into a bar.


‘80s Drug Lord Meets Grandma Chic’ style works for Arianna Danielson on HGTV

“You took your brand and elevated it,” Jonathan Adler, one of the show’s judges, told Danielson. “So, like, you’re in the game.”

After hearing that, Danielson told the cameras that she thought the judges better understood her brand, which she calls “80s Drug Lord Meets Grandma Chic.”

“I could do this,” she said. “I could be the next Design Star.”

Danielson is one of six contestants remaining on the show, along with Denver resident Eli Hariton.

Over the next four episodes, the up-and-coming designers will show off their styles and skills while competing for $50,000 and their own HGTV show. The next episode comes Wednesday on Discovery+.

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