Table Talk: Colorado Springs preparing to open restaurants soon

Carlos Echeandia, owner of Carlos’ Bistro, will offer specials on Japanese Kobe and Wagyu sausage, burgers and steaks when he opens for dine-in customers.

Resetting the table

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Carlos Echeandia, owner of Carlos’ Bistro, 1025 S. 21st St., has big plans for guests when his dining room reopens.

“Lombardi meat in Denver has become a member of the Japanese Kobe Club and Carlos’ Bistro will be the first restaurant in the state to offer it,” Echeandia said. “Jeff, the butcher, has made an amazing sausage with meat from Japanese Kobe and Wagyu and prime short ribs. I also have Japanese Kobe, Wagyu, and prime burgers and steaks.”

When dine-in service is allowed again, to celebrate Echeandia will offer his COVID-19 Specials every day through Nov. 30, which includes 50% off Kobe sausage patties and burgers, $50 off Japanese Wagyu steak, $100 off Japanese Kobe steak and half-price bottles of wine.

The offer is for dine-in only and cannot be an early-bird entree or a shared entree. Details: 471-2905,


contact the writer: 636-0271.


contact the writer: 636-0271.

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