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Brother Luck, owner of Four by Brother Luck, adds the finishing touches to his trout dish with an Ethiopian-style spice mixture called berbere at his Colorado Springs restaurant . The dish is served with his father’s recipe Creole-style dirty rice.

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Brother Luck is “done-done,” he said, after Thursday evening’s season 16, episode 7, of Bravo’s "Top Chef."

Luck has competed and hung in for 10 "Last Chance Kitchen" segments, the online companion cooking contest to Bravo’s "Top Chef." Episode 6 of "Last Chance Kitchen" ended in a cliffhanger. We didn’t know if Luck had won the coveted spot to return to "Top Chef."

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When episode 7 of "Top Chef" opened Thursday night, it was, indeed, Luck who had won the golden ticket. He was in the game again. However, he no sooner got back in the game than he was sent to "Last Chance Kitchen" again. Based on judge’s critiques, the hammer came down on Luck as having the least favorite dish of the night. He left the competition as quickly as he entered it, but would have another shot to re-enter in another stint in "Last Chance Kitchen."

“I’m proud of what I’ve done here on 'Top Chef,'” he said in a parting interview with a Bravo producer, “working my way through 'Last Chance Kitchen' and getting back on the show with these amazing chefs on season 16. I just made one mistake and that’s the way it goes.

"Competing on the show isn’t my forte. I’ve already proven myself in 'Last Chance Kitchen.' These chefs are all hungry for that title and I’ve had multiple shots at it. I think it’s their turn. I’m done-done. I don’t have it in me to compete anymore.”

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In the end we’re the winners with Luck continuing to wow us with his innovative culinary talent at his Four by Brother Luck restaurant and his soon to come Luck Dumpling. Congratulations to Brother Luck for all his successes.

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