FH Beerworks

FH Beerworks East is hosting drive-in movies.

There’s a new drive-in movie theater in town.

Without being able to do what a brewery usually does, FH Beerworks East is coming up with ways to draw customers to its taproom off North Powers Boulevard, where sales are down about 60% despite offering to-go-orders and deliveries.

“It’s been really challenging figuring out ways to get people to come out,” owner Travis Fields said. “Our business thrives on people gathering. Not having that option has been huge.”

After closing the taproom, Fields thought of an idea inspired by a sort of mantra, “doing social safely.”

The result is a weekly “Car Seat Cinema” series, allowing people to watch movies, drive-in-style, in the brewery’s backyard, which is plenty spacious with 2 acres.

“It’s a way for people to still get entertainment and be safe,” Fields said.

The brewery initially scheduled the movie nights for March but postponed them due to the stay-at-home order.

It’s apparently a hot ticket. The first event, a screening of “Nacho Libre” last Saturday, sold out. Tickets also are gone for the next two movies nights: “Back to the Future” on Saturday and “The Goonies” on May 23. Don’t worry. More screenings are on the way.

Beer is not served while the movie is showing, Fields says. Customers can place to-go orders, though, which will be delivered to vehicles after the final credits roll.

According to the event’s Facebook description, social distancing will be “strongly enforced” and “attendees must stay in their vehicles at all times, with the exception of bathroom use.”

FH also suggests people to “please bring your favorite nonalcoholic drinks with you.”

Fields says he’d like to add drive-in concerts and comedy shows to the mix.

“We care about community, we care about connection,” he said. “It’s a way to give people those things during this crazy time.”

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