Pikes Pub: If Hogwarts had a brewery...

Smiling Toad Brewery taps its first keg of glitter beer Friday at the brewery, 1757 S. 8th St.

Since 2014, Smiling Toad has hid in the bottom of a building at the back of a parking lot off 8th Street. There, the Toad, as we devotees know it, has epitomized neighborhood brewery with potlucks and friendly faces. It’s been great, No. 1, for the beer, and for that low-key vibe.

But it’s time for the Toad to make its joyful presence known. So it will at a more visible location off 21st Street, at 2028 Sheldon Ave. The reopening is slated for late June. More info: smilingtoadbrewery.com.

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