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The school year is in full swing and parents are finding ways to keep their kids fed and energized throughout the day. From left, homemade power bars, protein energy balls and pumpkin chai donuts are three healthy snacks parents can send with their kids for a snack during their school day or before sports practice. (Parker Seibold/The Gazette)

What’s better than a good snack? One you can eat with a clean conscience. Introducing Wild Zora, whose Fort Collins-crafted lamb and vegetable bar I stumbled upon recently. Zora tells the story of the over-processed market stuff being no good for her kids. So she turned to local ranchers for meat and her garden for veggies. Now at wildzora.com, you can find a variety of meat and veggie bars, like jerky but unlike any you’ve had. Dried fruit, to-go paleo meals and soups also sold.

Seth Boster, the gazette

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