"South Park," the animated show based on a small Colorado town, debuted 22 years ago this month. 

In honor of the occasion, here are 22 of the series' most memorable characters. See if your favorite made the list. 

Eric Cartman - He appreciates the simple things in life: "watching television, eating junk food, playing video games and the suffering of those he despises."

Kenny McCormick - Kenny often says "Mrrph rmph rmmph mrrphh!" and is known as the poor boy with a superpower that makes him immortal.

Stan Marsh - Stan has a highly abusive sister, a gay dog named "Sparky", and is crazy in love with his longtime girlfriend. When things are stirring in town, he's always the first to be the voice of reason.

Kyle Broflovski - Kyle is greatly cared for by his parents and is devoted to his religion. He's disgusted by bananas and is constantly falling behind on the latest trends at school.

Butters Stotch - Poor Butters is an innocent classmate that typically gets the brunt of things.

Wendy Testaburger - She isn't afraid to defend herself at school and what she believes in, even to her boyfriend, Stan.


Photo via Comedy Central. 

Jimmy Valmer - Jimmy is "handi-capable" of using his disability to all advantages at school, including in his stand-up comedy routines.

Timmy Burch - He moves by wheelchair and has many alter-egos but few words. Best friends with Jimmy.

Tweek Tweak - He's an over-caffeinated fourth-grader whose parents own the local coffee shop.

Bebe Stevens - She leads the Girls Club with whatever is popular at school.

Token - The richest kid in town and a very gifted singer and bass player.

Nathan - He pretends to be a mentally ill student. He always loses at summer camp games and Jimmy is his number one enemy.

Pip Pirrup - Pip holds his cheery attitude despite being constantly bullied at school by other classmates for his English accent.

Terrance and Phillip - This flatulent comedy duo from Canada are quite popular with the kids of South Park. 

Mercedes - A professional kid who is often seen on Raisins' advertisements. 

Scott Tenorman - The ninth-grader, nemesis and half brother of Cartman.

Mr. Garrison - This inconsistent teacher often gives up on goals and sometimes loses sense with his own identity.

Chef - Before being killed, Chef gave advice to the four boys and was always there to cook the school meals.

Mr. Mackey - This school counselor is always there to lend a helping hand, "Mmm'kay?"

south park

Photo via Comedy Central. 

PC Principal - This hard-headed man who became the principal of South Park Elementary is dedicated to keeping things politically correct.

Jimbo Kern - A Vietnam veteran, an avid gun enthusiast and Stan's half-uncle. 

Randy Marsh - the typical drunk dad that drinks beer at little league games and punches other dads of opposing team members. He's also quick to join any fad, usually with terrible results. 



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