Colorado Springs readers will miss the former owners of Wines of Colorado in Cascade

Ben Gallegos-Pardo, a managing partner and executive chef of Epiphany, has introduced a new menu for the eatery including his San Luis bocadillos, pressed sandwich.

Ben Gallegos-Pardo, a managing partner and executive chef at Epiphany, 32 S. Tejon St., has introduced a larger menu of his American-Latin fusion dishes.

“The first five weeks or so of opening we had a smaller menu,” he said. “Dishes are a reflection of my father’s native country, Colombia, and my mother’s New Mexican heritage, with other Spanish cuisines.”

I tried the San Luis bocadillos ($18.25), a pressed sandwich served on Gallegos-Pardo’s freshly made pan Cubano roll spread with avocado lime mayo. The filling was a mouthful of flavorful moist grilled chicken, spicy roasted green chiles and pepper jack cheese topped with lettuce and tomato.

It’s served with a choice of tostone or yuca fries. I went for the tostones, which are lightly salted fried green plantains served with aji dipping sauce, a spicy Peruvian green mixture. The sandwich is definitely worthy of a repeat, but with so many other intriguing choices on the menu it would be a shame to repeat this and miss other tantalizing flavors.

When I was seated, the hostess explained that the eatery was following a no-tipping model. “Tips are included in menu prices,” she said.

I was familiar with the concept and understand it as being more equitable and sustainable for employees working the front of the house and those working in the kitchen. There was an E-zine on each table that further explained the process.

“Assuming you’re the kind of person who would be tipping 15 to 20% anyway, there is no actual change for you — but a big change for our staff,” it said.

Bottom line, that was fine with me and I appreciated being advised ahead of seating. Good for management for thinking outside the box. Details: 719-358-7500,

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