'Jeopardy!' host Trebek says he's resumed chemotherapy

FILE - In this May 5, 2019, file photo Alex Trebek poses in the press room at the 46th annual Daytime Emmy Awards at the Pasadena Civic Center in Pasadena, Calif. Trebek said Tuesday, Sept. 17, that he’s had a setback in his battle with pancreatic cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy again.

"Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek tackled questions about cancer and death with his trademark grace, humility and wit in a recent interview with CTV's Lisa LaFlamme

“I’m not afraid of dying,” Trebek said. “One thing they’re not going to say at my funeral, as a part of a eulogy, is 'He was taken from us too soon.' I’ve lived a good life, a full life, and I’m nearing the end of that life. If it happens, why should I be afraid that?”

Trebek revealed in March that he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. In a video message posted on the "Jeopardy!" YouTube channel, the 79-year-old game show host made the announcement that was a blow to many fans. 

'Jeopardy!' host Trebek says he's resumed chemotherapy

"Just like 50,000 other people in the United States each year, this week I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer," Trebek said. "Now normally, the prognosis for this is not very encouraging, but I’m going to fight this, and I’m going to keep working. I plan to beat the low survival-rate statistics for this disease."

A few months later, Trebek seemed to be in good health as the "Jeopardy!" host was shown on the show's social media channels taping the premiere of season 36 on Aug. 29. 

“I’ve gone through a lot of chemotherapy, and thankfully that is now over,” Trebek says in a short video. “I’m on the mend, and that’s all I can hope for right now."

Sadly, Trebek had to start a second round of chemotherapy in September. 

Trebek stated that he'll stay on as host of the show, "as long as my skills do not diminish." However, he also mentioned having pain in his joints and sores inside his mouth that have made it challenging to speak at times. 

“I’m sure there are observant members of the television audience that notice also, but they’re forgiving,” said Trebek. “But there will come a point when they will no longer be able to say, ‘It’s okay.’”

You can watch the complete interview with Alex Trebek below. 

'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek says he has pancreatic cancer

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