New England native and State University of New York at Oswego graduate Lucy Bergemann has been at KKTV since 2017. To get to know the meteorologist away from the camera, I asked her a few simple questions.

Question: You’re a figure skater and coach the sport. How did you get started and who was/is your skating idol?

Answer: I got started skating by sitting in the stands and watching my sister take lessons. My mom got sick of me complaining so she signed me up for lessons too. Long story short, my sister quit and I kept going for 13 years of competitive skating by the time I finished in college.

I wouldn’t say I have an “idol,” but I always admired Sasha Cohen as a child. Now, as an adult, I respect Gracie Gold. She’s been really open about her mental health struggles and how the skating world has impacted that. I think it is important perspective and message from a young woman who many look up to.


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Q: What do you think you’d do for a career if you weren’t in broadcasting?

A: I’d love to work in energy meteorology — forecasting for oil companies and renewable energy sources. In my dream world, I’d love to forecast the weather during Formula One car races. My family is very passionate about the sport, and I think it would be an extremely unique and challenging job.

Q: What’s the most challenging/misunderstood part of your job?

A: I would say that most people assume I just show up and read the weather. In actuality, I create the entire forecast, looking at about a dozen different computer models daily. I have a degree in meteorology and learned complex equations in school. I don’t use those on a daily basis, but I understand, comprehend and invest time into the science of the weather.

Most viewers also assume we have stylists and a hair/makeup team. I also do my own hair and makeup, as well as purchase my own closet. I always joke to viewers, “If you don’t like what I wear, you can send something to the station.”

Q: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

A: Teleportation would be great because living so far from home ... can be tough sometimes. I would like to be able to bop home in a second rather than the four-hour flight and car rides on either side. Cloning myself would also solve that problem.

Q: Was there a time you were completely starstruck?

A: When I was a senior in college at SUNY Oswego, Al Roker came to break a world record with us — the longest conga line on ice. I was able to do a forecast with him, wearing my skates, as I was the only figure skating meteorologist at the school. We broke the record by the way.

Q: What co-worker/s do you hang out with the most?

A: Rebekah Hoeger and I do a lot of outside of work adventures like rock climbing. And I love hanging with Danielle Kreutter. We became really close during our weekend broadcasts and since I’ve moved to mornings we try to get together outside of work for walks or dog park hangouts.

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