Great love can blossom out of less than great circumstances.

As people across the country sequestered themselves in their homes amidst a global pandemic, two Hollywood stars in their golden years were busy falling in love. And one of them lives in our own backyard.

Colorado Springs resident Linda Purl, 65, a singer also known for her roles on TV shows "Happy Days" and "The Office," lit a fire to her long-ago friendship with Patrick Duffy, 71, known for his roles on TV shows "Dallas" and "Step by Step."

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The two first became friends years ago, but lost touch. But over the last year they both found themselves in a group chat of common friends. Soon enough, the two were texting only each other, before taking it to FaceTime and then Zoom, where they spent two to three hours talking every night.

Finally, Duffy, whose more than four decades-long marriage ended when his wife, Carlyn Rosser, died from cancer in 2017, drove 20 hours to Purl's Springs home to see if their connection could survive real-life.

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Earlier this week, during an "Entertainment Tonight" segment on leading men of '90s TV, host Nischelle Turner tugged out a few more Springs-specific details about their first in-person meeting.

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"I was standing out in the driveway jumping up and down," Purl said. "I made a total fool of myself. It’s remarkable you didn’t turn around and go back."

Duffy replied: "The other side of that is I drove all those hours and I was five minutes from her house. I pulled over. I was in my 23-hour driving clothes. And in the middle of a Colorado Springs street I’m dropping trou(sers) outside my car. I’m putting on a good pair of slacks. I took a water bottle and (mimics washing hair). I gargle, smell my breath, got back in the car and drove up, like this is how I look."

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