ARE, Sweden — Lindsey Vonn has convinced Ingemar Stenmark to come to her last race at the skiing world championships.

Vonn says, "I've been texting him and he wasn't planning on being here and I was like, 'Please, please, please,' and so he's coming. I'm really, really, really excited."

Vonn has 82 World Cup victories, second on the all-time list behind Stenmark's 86.

Vonn, who will retire after Sunday's downhill, is wearing a racing suit this week featuring blue and yellow trim in honor of Stenmark.

She says, "Obviously we're in Sweden but also because of Stenmark and how much he has meant to the sport. It's something that has motivated me for a long time — his record — so I'm just paying my respects to him and this country."

Vonn is struggling with a rib problem.

After completing the downhill portion of the combined as a training run, Vonn says, "I'm a little stiff still. I actually feel pretty decent. It's just that my upper rib kind of went out when I was at the start so that's been kind of giving me a hard time."

Vonn says the rib problem affects "moving, in general," adding, "I've had rib problems in the past. It's not a new thing for me but I can fix it before I have to ski."

Vonn, who will retire after Sunday's downhill race, also has a black eye from crashing in the super-G on Tuesday.

Still, she says she'll be aiming to win on Sunday: "Whether I'm ready or not I'm just going to go full throttle."

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