Air Force linebacker Jack Flor a breath of fresh air for media


An important development that shouldn’t go overlooked in this Air Force football season is the development of Jack Flor.

The senior linebacker has a team-high 76 tackles and two sacks.

But that’s not what I’m talking about.

Flor has turned into a media star this year, keeping those of us following the team entertained with his wit and honesty each week.


How will the team kill time at a local hotel before an 8:15 p.m. start vs. Wyoming?

“Take a nap? I don’t know. You can’t really nap for 12 hours. Bring a book? I don’t know. I’ll find something. I doubt they’ll let us have a pool party.”

Would it be extra special to bring down NFL prospect Josh Allen, Wyoming’s quarterback?

“As a linebacker, it’s kind of your job description to get to that guy.”

(From a few weeks ago) Are all these close games taking a toll?

“My grandparents text me after every game. My grandpa asked me to stop making it so troublesome because it’s not easy on the heart.”

The importance of beating UNLV to snap a four-game skid…

“It was definitely good to get a win; get out of that death roll we were in a little bit.


Flor, who will attend pilot training after graduation, has been particularly important this season as coach Troy Calhoun has increased tight media restrictions to make only himself and seniors available except immediately after games.

I’ll spare you my full rant on the absurdity of these policies at a place where they are entirely unnecessary both because of the small amount of media covering the team and the general intelligence of these cadet-athletes who are more than capable of speaking for themselves (as they do in other sports). The bigger issue is the structure that allows college football coaches to dictate every detail of their programs, even in areas such as this where they often don’t have a grasp of the overall bigger picture.

So, that brings us back to Flor.

With a limited pool of players to speak with in advance of games, it’s critical from the media’s perspective to find among them someone who can provide some color. Yes, sports provide ideal training opportunities that can be applied to serious situations. Yes, competition can be fierce. But at their core, sports are games that were designed for leisure, exercise and fun, remember?

Flor remembers that. And the media – at least this representative – appreciates it.

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