The idea haunted composer Rob Gardner for years.

He dreamed of putting to music the last days of Christ’s life, including the raising of Lazarus and Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. Finally, he finished the score to “Lamb of God” in 2010 and traveled the world to complete the two-disc recording with the London Symphony Orchestra and Spire Chorus.

The work is now performed annually by musicians and singers of dozens of faiths worldwide, in concert halls, Catholic cathedrals, evangelical churches, by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and on university campuses.

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The Mormon Chorale’s “Lamb of God” will come to Colorado Springs for the first time with two shows Saturday at the Pikes Peak Center. The show will feature Denver and Springs musicians.

“It’s a very powerful composition of musical work,” said Jim Miller, president of Cornerstone Productions, which will bring the performance to town. “It’s a beautiful testimony. It’s not just beautiful music; it also has a beautiful spirit about it.”

The story, based on the gospels of the New Testament, is told through two narrators, a 150-member choir, 50-piece orchestra and people portraying Christ’s most intimate circle, including Peter, John and Mary Magdalene. The 80-minute show is strictly music and presentation, with no acting, costumes or sets.

“A lot of the music has been equated with movie music,” said show director Kent Jones. “Some parts he (Gardner) writes are without words, and so powerful and relate to the feelings of what Christ was going through during his challenges. There aren’t even any words. The choir sings ‘ah’ at that point. It’s extraordinary.”


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