Montana Horsfall

Montana Horsfall and Stephanie Earls at Blackhat Distillery. 

A truly memorable cocktail is defined by what goes into it, and why.

"A cocktail is how I present my passion, my love, my knowledge into the person sitting on the other side of the bar," said Montana Horsfall, director of Blackhat Distillery and the 2019 Best of the Springs gold medal winner for best bartender. "When I am hosting a party, I want to put my love for these people into that cocktail and make them enjoy their holidays and their time together. For me, it's very much about those emotions and bringing community together, wherever you are."

Taste certainly is important in a Christmas cocktail but it's not the only factor to be considered, especially for novices attempting mixological magic at home.

"It should be easy, seasonal, bring good memories, and not use random weird ingredients you can't find," Horsfall said.

On that note, she chose three of her favorite recipes to share with Gazette readers in a series of how-to videos.

Check them out the Pomarita, Boozy Pear and Malicious Old Fashioned.


Boozy Pear

Malicious Old Fashioned


Stephanie Earls is a news reporter and columnist at The Gazette. Before moving to Colorado Springs in 2012, she worked for newspapers in upstate NY, WA, OR and at her hometown weekly in Berkeley Springs, WV, where she got her start in journalism.

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