Tiger Lilly, a striped skunk who lived at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and traveled across the region to visit schools, retirements and community events died Friday afternoon. She was 8 years old.

A release from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo announced her death.

Lilly came to the zoo in 2008 and was one of the first animals in the Loft Exploration Center at the Zoo, the release said.

"People came into The Loft afraid of skunks, but after meeting Lilly, their opinion changed," loft keeper Jenny Diaz said in the release. "They'd come back again and again to see her. It will be emotional to explain to guests that she's no longer with us."

Lilly had health issues due to her age, the Zoo said, and was euthanized Friday afternoon after zoo staff noticed she looked sick and lethargic. "Lilly was by far the best skunk I have ever worked with," Diaz said, in the release. "Losing her is like having a family member pass away. The Loft won't be the same without her, and she will be greatly missed."