A Black Forest woman who was standing outside her uninsured, destroyed mobile home was handcuffed and arrested by El Paso County Sheriff's deputies Friday afternoon on a warrant stemming from a traffic-related charge.

"It was a misdemeanor warrant," sheriff's spokesman Lt. Jeff Kramer said in an email. "She was handcuffed because she was arrested and being transported to jail in a police car. Standard procedure on any arrest."

The warrant was for a failure to appear in court, said Kramer, who added that he was unsure what the original traffic charge was regarding.

The woman, Marsha McCormack, 59, whose home on Vessey Circle burned last week in the Black Forest fire, was arrested as she and neighbors sifted through the remains of their homes, according to a neighbor who also lost her home in the wildfire. The neighbor, who asked not to be named said that she was going to retrieve money to bail McCormack out of jail once she was through processing.

"I can't believe they arrested her at this time because she did lose her trailer and everything in it," the neighbor said.

McCormack was hospitalized Thursday with chest pain, the neighbor said. She needed medical attention again on Friday after she was taken into custody, Kramer said. She was being booked late Friday as her friends waited to bail her out of jail.

"We contacted her after there was a 'hit' on one of our automated license plate readers," Kramer said.


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