Colorado Springs police say an armed man allegedly tried to rob a woman near an ATM late Saturday night.

At about 11 p.m. Saturday, police received a call of an attempted robbery at the Wells Fargo Bank ATM at 9649 Prominent Peak Point.

The victim told police that the suspect broke the passenger window of her vehicle as she was making a transaction in the drive-thru. He leaned into the broken window and then pointed a gun. She drove off with the suspect still leaning through the window and swerved around a curb, ejecting the suspect from the vehicle. The suspect was last seen running away. He did not get any money from the victim.

Saturday's attempted robbery follows five ATM robberies in Colorado Springs in recent weeks. The same Wells Fargo ATM was robbed July 5.

Police believe that the crimes are associated based on the type of robbery, location, and motive of the crimes.

Police are advising the public to use automated teller machines inside an open business and avoid using them in the dark.

"If you must use one after dark, check for suspicious persons or cars and make sure someone knows where you are,. police said. If you happen to see someone suspicious, leave the area immediately and call police with a description.