The Colorado Division of Wildlife is looking for an aggressive bear around Bear Creek Regional Park west of Colorado Springs.

"Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are in the area and will be closing the trails west of 21st Street in the park," a press release states. "Officers will attempt to locate the bear and are asking the public to avoid the area. Barricades and closures will be in place as officers attempt to locate and assess the bear."

The bear is said to be aggressive. It has approached people using the trails on the west side of the park several times, the release states.

"Officers were told that the bear did not retreat after being yelled at and continued to approach within ten feet of at least one jogger," the release states.

The division will assess the bear's behavior if it is found to determine what to do next. Hazing and relocation are among the options. So is killing the bear.

"If the bear has lost its fear of people and is determined to be a risk to human health and safety, it will be put down," the release states.