What is right for the children

Re: "Award Winning Principal Moved":

Colorado School District 11's web page posts this statement: "The world is changing. Meet the future." Why was Shirley Stevens relocated? Why was Lincoln Elementary, a D-11 success story, closed?

I, too, once had a neighborhood elementary school. It was one of District 11's hidden gems, and I felt fortunate that all four of my children went there. I was active in the school activities and finally employed as one of the administrative assistants. Our principal was retiring and a committee was organized to pick her replacement. It was a unanimous decision when we found a good fit for our school and neighborhood. Imagine our surprise when the deputy superintendent chose for us a principal that wasn't even in our top four selections.

I felt I did my best to support the choice to support my school, the students and staff.

It didn't take long to see there was a problem. Eighty-five percent of the staff left the school. Other district employees informed us of our principal being ineffective in every position at several other schools and instead of being dismissed, she was promoted and passed around the district. Numerous accounts of the problems to her supervisor and a four page letter from me with examples, dates and witnesses was ignored.

Enrollment dropped drastically, and school morale was in the cellar. I made it seven months under this leadership before I abandoned my position. It took eight months for me to be called in and asked about why I left. The office staff turned over two more times after I left. It is because this person is still on the payroll that I won't offer my services to the district again.

My neighborhood school is closed now. Lincoln Elementary is closed as is Wasson High School. Our district does not have the attitude to promote student achievement. It seems our district is doing away with what works.

Shirley Stevens seems like a no-nonsense type of principal who obviously got the job done and says the district moves employees around to get the best out of them. What happened to doing what is right for the children?

I don't like what this future holds for students in our district.

Joan Simoff

Colorado Springs

A Constitution that changes

It seems to me that much of our nation's problems has been caused by the politicizing of the Supreme Court. Presidents can't help themselves from choosing judges who side with their political views.

As I understand the responsibility of the Supreme Court, they have one Constitution to interpret in the intent of our founding fathers. Not the whims of the president who seated them.

To me, there should never be a 5-4 vote to arrive at the intent of the 'Fathers'. It would be better for our country to do nothing than to allow one vote to change or establish law.

One Constitution should always have a unanimous interpretation or do nothing. We seldom see a liberal judge vote contrary to the political views of the president who seated them. Not so with conservative appointments, who may cast their vote with the liberals.

I can think of many issues that have been changed from the clear intents and precedents of the framers of our Constitution.

A Constitution that changes with the times or ideas of today's justices, is no Constitution at all! Freedom and justice will continue to erode if we continue in this direction, or so it seems to me.

Tom Beedle

Colorado Springs