The NFL reviews game tape and stat sheets after every week of games and will occasionally alter all kinds of things, from yardage numbers to sack totals.

And it’s possible that when the league reviews the Denver Broncos’ 34-14 win over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, Peyton Manning’s single-season yardage record could be in a bit of danger, reports Sports Illustrated.

With 1:28 left in the first quarter of the game, Manning threw what was called a seven-yard pass to receiver Eric Decker on 1st-and-5 from the Oakland 49-yard line. However, in the video below (H/T to SportsGrid via Reddit NFL), it’s clear that Manning threw the ball backward, which makes it a lateral. With that in mind, Decker should technically be credited with a seven-yard run.

Peyton Manning sets season pass yardage record before resting in 34-14 win over Raiders

And under those circumstances, Manning didn’t break Drew Brees’ single-season passing yardage record by one yard. He would have 5,470 yards, not 5,477, and Brees would still have the mark with the 5,476 yards he threw for in 2011.

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