This is the first in a series on local breweries.

Opened: March 2012

Brewer: Jeff Jacobs

Location: 204 Mount View Lane


Their story: Jacobs, an engineer by profession, was a home brewer who had eight beers on tap.

'I came to the realization one day we already owned a microbrewery. It just happened to be in our garage, ' he said. 'Saturday morning we would open the garage door to brew and the neighbors would start bringing chairs around. '

As a 'nanobrewery ' - the industry term for small, often neighborhood-based brew pubs - they don't serve food or bottle their beers, but demand has been strong and Jacobs has earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of traditional styles.

Beers you need to try: Rum Raisin Stout, creamy, sweet, slightly fruity; Black Bear Zwartbier, light-bodied for a dark beer, with a surprising roasted coffee flavor; Shine On Golden Strong Ale, the top-seller and strongest beer at 8 percent ABV, tastes like a sour with a wine texture and lemon flavors.