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Transactions Sept. 2 - Sept. 8

By: leslie massey
November 2, 2013 Updated: November 2, 2013 at 1:31 pm

This list was obtained from the El Paso County Assessor's Office and covers sales recorded during the period of Sept. 2 - Sept. 8, 2013. Each listing includes the buyer, address and sales price. For more information, e-mail


Joseph A Beall And Emily D Beall 13485 Halleluiah Trl $287,000

Duane R Marvin 15155 Crooked Pine Trl $415,000


Carola D Uberta 17038 River Birch Pt $183,000

Robert K Schultz And Kristen L Schultz 16625 Elk Valley Trl $273,000

Jacob J Dalrymple 4475 Red Forest Rd $350,000

Dannie R Thiessen And Judith A Thiessen 19929 Silver Horn Ln $389,000

Noah S Botkin 19400 Wildwood Way $390,000

Patrick M Wilkie And Patricia M Wilkie 20480 Silver Horn Ln $395,000

Edling 1 Timothy 5:8 Living Trust 15696 Transcontinental Dr $406,600

Dale R Pyne And Terri E Pyne 465 Indian Way $410,000

Barry J Sykes And Molly J Sykes 548 Burke Hollow Dr $473,900

Howard W Friedrichs And Linda A Friedrichs 17911 Loverly Way $528,600

Elizabeth K Schulze 19570 Aries Dr $535,000

James R Diesing And Elizabeth S Burns-Diesing 1272 Castlecombe Ln $655,000

David J Lucia And Sonya D Lucia 1170 Dolan Dr $695,900


Kelly Farmer And Carol R Farmer 9045 Ute Rd $231,000


Bryan P Doyle And Lindsay R Doyle 707 Baling Wire Way $186,000

Paul Richard Hamilton 7282 Moss Bluff Ct $195,000

Alexander Smalley And Ashley N Smalley 6996 Ancestra Dr $225,000

David W Weinbrenner 8224 Campground Dr $238,700

Joshua T Kopsie And Courtney C Kopsie 7904 Pinfeather Dr $262,200

Jason J Austin And Dana R Austin 7783 Whipple Pl $266,800

Larry Gadson And Martha Gadson 7345 Oakshire Way $271,700

Christopher M Mayes And Kenyda R Mayes 8214 Campground Dr $300,000

Mario Vazquez 10655 Mcgahan Dr $300,000

John R Salvatore And Stacey L Salvatore 7768 Sapling Ct $302,400


Johnny Sutton 17685 Sage Crest Rd $129,900

Patricia A Musser And Anthony Musser 9173 Sunningdale Rd $218,000

Eric A Besser 5825 Eggar Ct $225,000

Jose E Serna And Michelle J Hovland 7716 Tompkins Rd $230,000

Kristan Kage Wildgoose-Lister And Laurel M Wildgoose-Lister 8412 Shoulders Rd $235,000

Terri M Riemann And Arden S Riemann Jr 9702 Beryl Dr $240,000

Joseph W Jacobson And Stephanie A Jacobson 7158 Honeycomb Dr $248,300

Tillman T Turley And Janet E Turley 11260 Cressman Dr $250,000

Mary Kathryn Lehr 9302 Hirono Rd $255,000

Karen Meacham 8415 Garrison Rd $264,000

Lance A Payne And Sherri L Payne 8785 Royal Lytham Ct $264,200

Michael Conner And Amy Tuten 8094 Fort Smith Rd $268,000

Andrew Olsson And Lisa Olsson 10170 Mt Lincoln Dr $274,000

Gayle R Craig And Mark D Strain 11515 Dodge Cir $358,000

Ryan Joseph Pennington 10492 Capital Peak Way $362,400

Brian Keith Colopy And Elizabeth Maria Colopy 10742 Torreys Peak Way $363,500

Michael P Neidenthal And Susan Neidenthal 5715 Eggar Ct $375,000

Michael Kocab And Debbie D Kocab 10561 Mt Sherman Way $379,400

Reginald S Williams And Theresa M Williams 10827 Huron Peak Pl $380,000

Curtis L Carrigan And Diana E Carrigan 12344 Antlers Ridge Dr $396,000

James L Hormann And Deanna L Hormann 12185 Black Hills Dr $469,500


Patrick Browning 15550 Simla Hwy $132,000


Jared Knight 1010 Cache La Poudre St E $130,000

Whitney Ashlyn Taylor 220 Willow St $148,500

Karla J Crapser 810 High St E $160,000


Jeffrey J Chaussi 2403 Bott Ave $129,000

Todd Gustafson 3427 Kiowa St W $166,000

Matthew Scott Bates And Suzanna Elizabeth Bates 1019 Chambers Dr $254,500

Jennifer L Jacobucci 1182 Cenotaph Way $305,000


Erick Erickson 613 Stevens Ave $118,500

Andrew Nieminski 1606 Wahsatch Ave S $140,000

Ian D Stanley And Krisha M Stanley 614 Brookside St W $175,000

Daniel M Gale 1444 Swope Ave $178,900

Chloe A Perez 1803 Portland Gold Dr $217,100

Ryan Garlow 154 Eclipse Dr $277,300

Stephen E Burt And Dounette Burt 184 Eclipse Dr $308,900

Emmy K Handen And Mario N Granados 536 Dale St W $425,000


Eric Luther Warner 1329 Maxwell St $108,500

Yancy C Calderon 555 Loomis Ave $179,900

Juan C Moya 3495 Whimbrel Ln $190,000

Carl J Hansen And Kristy L Hansen 2718 Andromeda Dr $295,000

Geoff B Haradon And Lisa B Haradon 319 Cheyenne Rd W $425,500

Stuart L Coppedge And Lisa J Coppedge 30 Oak Ave $435,000

Marc S Brewen 2845 Halleys Ct $455,000

Arlene D Ruhle 396 Darlington Way $705,000

Irene Davis And Chad Davis 583 Silver Oak Grv $789,000


Chelsey I Mathis 1543 Sausalito Dr $154,000

Paul Nicholas Barratt 3620 Masters Dr $340,000


Jennifer L Williams 6901 Red Cardinal Loop $228,800

Bryant C Patterson And Amanda S Patterson 7844 Smokewood Dr $238,200

Matthew J Roark And Brook L Roark 7916 Lightwood Way $239,900

Colin N Schmeisser 11920 Greentree Rd $300,000

Dennis Jaspan And Judy A Jaspan 11215 Forest Edge Dr $339,000

Daniel Meszler And Natasha L Meszler 6015 Filly Ln $365,000

Daniel S Brooks And Leslie E Brooks 15325 Terra Ridge Cir $429,900

Amy M Mayberry And Matthew T Mayberry 8130 Tannenbaum Rd $445,000


Sean Michael Patrick Mcmullen 815 Sunset Rd $144,000

Jane E Jacoby 2053 Sussex Ln $150,000

Michael David Maloney 1402 Platte Ave E $185,000

John C Anthony And Carol B Anthony 319 Farragut Ave $240,000

William R Mendelsohn 110 Sheridan Ave N $241,000

Jerry D Meston And Cheryl A Lewis 1240 Meade Ave N $244,000

Carrie Ann Higgs 3002 Marilyn Rd $267,000


Donald E Duranso 1307 Server Dr $150,000

Nicole W Okland-Beemer And Joshua D Beemer 3625 Bridgewood Ln $154,500

Travis W Konkle 121 Chelton Rd S $155,000

Angell Benz Lumba 2002 Kodiak Dr $155,000

Karen P Tinger 1972 St James Dr $210,000


Burl Crain 73 Everett Dr $105,000

Arnold H Zencius Jr 413 Montrose Dr $127,500

Ashley Kay Wilt And Eric Pratt 5110 Manzana Ln $139,900

Zachery A Carey And Cassie D Carey 174 Widefield Blvd $169,900

Justin Gates Price 7210 Goldfield Dr $170,000

William W Barker And Mildred F Barker 5674 Fantasia Dr $197,000

James A Godec And Cheryll Godec 6960 Corn Tassle Dr $210,000

Casey G Jeffs 6213 Dancing Sky Dr $239,400

Nicholas J Sipe And Amy J Sipe 704 Seawell Dr $245,300

Alan M Dent 3675 Cresta Loma Cir W $279,900

Bradley Brown And Jessica Brown 3516 Red Baron Dr $315,000


3022 Pony Tracks Llc 1272 Soaring Eagle Dr $55,000

Michelle R Binney 1180 Nez Perce Dr $129,000

Manuel Garcia And Tracie Lynn Garcia 2450 Piros Dr $130,000

Michael M Bailin And Alice M Bailin 1714 Sanderson Ave $225,000

Jonathan B Kaupp 7356 Big Prairie Ct $276,900

Ruth E Hutchinson 2514 Reed Grass Way $296,000


Lea Janine Bottoms 4547 Lancaster Dr $118,000

Enrique Casillas And Lucia Casillas 218 Kilmer Ct $127,500

Matthew V Hulsey And Britnie Hulsey 3170 Shikra Vw $145,900

Alice E Lee 3163 Shikra Vw $146,700

Alexander Rodriguez And Cindy V Rodriguez 3178 Shikra Vw $147,400

James C Cron And Trista J Cron 2710 Dickens Dr $150,000

Jacob A Paugh 5161 Mountain Air Cir $166,000

Denard Honeysuckle 3130 Shikra Vw $171,200

Raymond Anthony Garced 3459 Astana Dr $192,500

Michael A Lett-Brown And Anne E Lett-Brown 5055 Old Fountain Blvd $195,500

Larry Terry And Jacqueline Terry 680 Snowpeak Ct $213,500


Nickolas Clayton 5020 Whip Trl $143,000

Sherry D Forristall 5035 Whip Trl $167,900

Jared Mcbroom And Gina Mcbroom 2933 Nevermind Ln $173,900

Brad S Anderson And Amber M Anderson 5274 Smokehouse Cir $189,000

Benedict Walter Puchalski Iii And Kenda Lynne Puchalski 4185 Iron Horse Trl $217,900

Brian K Leckenby And Alice D Leckenby 5135 Bluestem Dr $224,000


Eric Phillips 6970 Los Reyes Cir $152,500

Lejla Heldic 3010 Fireweed Dr $175,000

Holly Mascarenas 5329 Cambria Dr $183,000

Henry B Tippie Ii And Judie Tippie 6910 Nettlewood Pl $190,000

Jaclyn Manzione And G Thomas Manzione 6714 Lange Cir $192,500

Daniel Iv Mckinney And Lindsay N Mckinney 6843 Snowbird Ter $206,500

Michael Yarros And Danielle Yarros 3745 Sedgewood Way $222,000

Mark A Hurtado And Shannon Hurtado 3715 Calico Ct $223,000

Peter C Frezza 2550 Roundtop Dr $226,000

Josiah R Dicken And Karolyn K Dicken 6545 Gemstone Way $227,000

Caleb C Culver And Rachel A Culver 3530 Honeyburyl Dr $255,000

Michael J Scruggs Ii And Tess Marie Scruggs 4120 Anitra Cir $257,500

William Micheal Mcgrew 5360 Turquoise Dr $375,000

Matthew B Drexler And Teresa A Drexler 1745 Colgate Dr $438,000


Susan Exeter 1410 Territory Trl $97,500

Michael A Munro Calhoun And Jennifer K Munro Calhoun 6405 Mesedge Dr $350,000

Randy E Shaffer And Linda D Shaffer 2450 Shiprock Way $370,000

Richard Robert Futyma And Beatriz E Futyma 1690 Golden Hills Rd $475,000

Phillip M Falender And Lotta Falender 8010 Orchard Path Rd $510,000

K Michael Chesonis And Milissa K Chesonis 5775 Huffman Ct $533,900


Roger A Cranston And Christine Cranston 7824 Brandy Cir $151,100

Blakely Allen Noble And Yvonne L Noble 7380 Liberty Bell Dr $195,000

Frank P Fowler Iii And Rachel S Fowler 4720 Ramblewood Dr $205,000

Daniel N Bultemeier 7755 Conifer Dr $235,000

Jay A Winterton And Angela R Winterton 4380 Begonia Ter $246,000

Michael Moy And Robbyn Moy 7835 Curlew Ct $255,000

Robert J Gillispie And Angela M Gillispie 7850 Potomac Dr $281,900

Kaihong Wang And Chunyu Xu 9216 Wolf Pack Ter $290,000

Cameron Andersen And Kelli J Andersen 8303 Andrus Dr $299,900

Matthew Seebeck And Megan E Seebeck 3235 Brunswick Dr $312,000

Wendy M Simonson 2455 Lumberjack Dr $331,000

Michael E Stewart And Debra Ann Langston-Stewart 8489 Old Exchange Dr $380,000

Christopher J Butler And Penelope L Butler 3484 Limber Pine Ct $382,000

Patrick Drummond And Denise Drummond 3755 Palazzo Grv $630,000

Toby J Genrich And Lori C Genrich 9404 Stoneglen Dr $865,000


Jason Dilger 765 Diamond Rim Dr $267,500

Gregory B Deemer And Deidra L Deemer 11614 Wildwood Ridge Dr $274,600

Gary Morrison And Karen R Combs 823 Deschutes Dr $305,600

Tom Phillips And Nicole Phillips 813 Deschutes Dr $323,400

Tushar J Oza And Sonal T Oza 740 Fox Run Cir $334,900

Samuel Jefferson Frazier Iv And Dianna Lea Frazier 12423 Fish Pond Pt $337,100

Richard P Fazio And Teresa A Fazio 14995 Crooked Spur Ln $338,500

George G Christian And Sandra M Christian 12410 Salmon Pt $346,300

Dallas W Greenberg And Eula C Greenberg 331 Coyote Willow Dr $384,900

Trust Koons 13245 Cake Bread Hts $407,300

Larry J Harlin And Rebecca M Harlin 17895 Cherry Stage Rd W $506,400


Gregory T Gast 4066 Happy Jack Dr $173,000

Andriy G Stepanchenko 5025 Ophir Ct $181,000

William J Knolmayer 2540 Weyburn Way $194,900

Aaron E Ruffalo 4689 Ardley Dr $200,000

Robert S Nelson 5346 Stone Fence Dr $201,000

Christian S Westervelt And Justine E Westervelt 7254 Westerner Dr $203,500

Kristian Garrett Yochum And Sandra Jesica Yochum 3595 Bareback Dr $208,000

Groot Jennifer De 4655 Purcell Dr $210,000

Benedict Balagtas And Nickoletta Balagtas 7336 Axis Pt $214,300

Craig D Smith 6492 Stella Luna Dr $217,000

Rocky B Blasius And Ashley C Blasius 5314 Standard Dr $234,900

Alexander P Mutcher And Karen K Mutcher 3220 Cowhand Dr $234,900

Kelvin D White And Michelle M Beatty 6980 Hillock Dr $263,000

James E Vick And Donna L Vick 7558 Campstool Dr $295,000


Alice Hoffmann 6227 Sierra Grande Pt $144,000

John Clegg And Madison Clegg 6226 Sierra Grande Pt $153,000

Jocelyn M Francone 6347 Rockville Dr $174,000

Emily A Skalsky 6442 Bluffmont Pt $198,100

Konstance A Smith 6654 Harvey Ln $206,000

Todd A Retting And Dana R Retting 6302 Finglas Dr $263,200

David K Tahtinen And Patricia M Tahtinen 6721 Silver Star Ln $550,000


Duane Clingen 8340 James Creek Dr $285,000

Kris Bourgeois And Rashelle Bourgeois 5931 Thurber Dr $409,300

Philip A Platt And Gineen S Platt 5269 Monarch Crest Way $454,400

Christopher K Fuller And Jennifer J Fuller 4805 Rainbow Gulch Trl $505,000


Brett J Alessandri And Katherine Elizabeth Alessandri 4011 Shining Star Dr $192,000

Michael Bryan 4324 Levi Ln $219,000

Adam Salazar 3655 Chia Dr $241,200

Carl E Ellinger Jr 9583 Copper Canyon Ln $246,200

Joseph Metz And Autumn Metz 10322 Abrams Dr $250,500

Joseph A Tanner 10454 Abrams Dr $255,000

Vincent Smith 6702 Alliance Loop $280,200

Victor W Melling And Lisa C Melling 10268 Abrams Dr $286,400

Kevin M Spinks And Amber J Spinks 6678 Alliance Loop $289,900

Brian O Butler 10214 Abrams Dr $294,800


Christopher K Kirchner And Melissa G Kirchner 6775 Monterey Pine Loop $296,700

Gary W Vincent Ii And Priscilla Vincent 8166 Foxtail Pine Pl $372,800

Robert C Vasta 7149 Spring Linden Ct $383,200


Sunday K Omikorede And Caren Minor-Omikorede 2312 Springside Dr $225,000

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