The Colorado Secretary of State's office certified Wednesday that former Congressman Tom Tancredo turned in enough valid signatures to appear on the June 24 Republican primary ballot for governor.

Tancredo is one of seven GOP candidates running for a chance to face Gov. John Hickenlooper in November.

Petitioning onto the ballot required 1,500 signatures from each of Colorado's seven congressional districts. One other candidate, former Congressman Bob Beauprez also turned in signatures to get on the ballot, but they have not yet been verified.

The remaining five candidates are all going through the state assembly to attempt to get on the primary ballot. A candidate must get 30 percent of the GOP delegate votes on Saturday in Boulder to get on the ballot.

Tancredo could still go the assembly route, as well, and would then only have to get 10 percent of the vote in addition to his 13,158 valid signatures to still have a space on the ballot. Appearing at the assembly, while a risk, could help limit the field of candidates in June by taking away votes from other candidates.

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