Students at Fountain-Fort Carson High School reported a threat from another student Monday, which prompted an investigation by school administrators and police, according to District 8 officials.

In a statement released to parents Tuesday, principal Burnie Hibbard said the investigation was set of by one student's statement on social media that resulted in a barrage of online comments and by several students and parents.

Fountain police identified the high school student responsible for the first post with the help of D-8 officials, said Fountain Police Chief Todd Evans.

"The school knew who the student was, and we made contact with him and his family, they were very cooperative," Evans said.

Because the student's post did not specify a possible threat to the school, but rather emotional distress, Evans said no legal repercussions would follow.

D-8 officials did not say whether the student would face disciplinary measures.

"At no time today did we have any reason to believe that any student, faculty or staff member were in any danger," Hibbard wrote. "Fear and rumors led to more fear and rumors when in reality no one was ever in danger."

Although the threat was not specific, Evans said authorities would rather err on the side of caution and follow every lead or tip, without taking any situation for granted.