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Thoughts on the recall election results linger

By: Letters
September 21, 2013 Updated: September 22, 2013 at 9:40 am

Thoughts on recall linger

The thoughts about the recall election continue to linger. Two items remain in print. The first is the slim margin of the outcome - certainly no mandate there. The other is the fact that the mail-in ballot process was eliminated.

Given the slim outcome, perhaps the mail-in process would have caused a different outcome. When one considers why the mail-in ballot process was canceled, one must remember that the Libertarian Party filed a lawsuit, with the intention of getting one of their members on the ballot - and no member made it to the ballot. This I think was known to the party. So why the suit? Perhaps the Libertarian Party concluded that it wanted the Republican Party to put in one of their own; after all, the Republican Party is for reduction of government in our lives. Without that suit, we would have had a much bigger turnout via the mail-in ballot; and maybe a different outcome. Food for thought.

William I. Brown, Colorado Springs


Isn't that the real story?

From letters to the editor to national television broadcasts, there have been a lot of opinions about what was the real story of the recent recall elections in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

We've been told the real story was outside NRA money spent to sway voters, even though the recall opponents outspent the other side 5 to 1, aided by outside gun-control advocate N.Y. Mayor Michael Bloomburg.

We've been told the real story was how it was an undemocratic waste of taxpayer money meant to intimidate elected officials, even though it was part of the democratic process when Democrats forced recall elections of several Republican state legislators and the Republican governor a while back in Wisconsin.

We've been told the real story was how legislators who block opposition input in the legislative process and ignore their constituents will be held accountable.

We've been told we should be embarrassed as this is another black eye for Colorado Springs nationally, even though we should be embarrassed by the fact that three-fourths of registered voters in Colorado Springs (nearly 50,000) didn't even bother to vote!

Isn't that the real story? What is so different about Pueblo voters that they had such a good turnout while Colorado Springs' turnout was so dismal? Don't Colorado Springs voters care who represents them in the Legislature? Are they too apathetic or are they too cynical to care?

Bill Schaffner, Colorado Springs


On the common-sense side

Recall mania has struck our land, where walking down the street with a "joint" brands you a criminal but walking down the street with a machine gun and 1,000 rounds of ammo brands you a "true" patriot. The real Second Amendment is nowhere to be found but the manipulated, misread and misunderstood Second Amendment is alive and well.

Today's real patriots are those who have the courage to sacrifice themselves for real common-sense change in this battered country. Thank you, John Morse and Angela Giron. Your sacrifice is not in vain. You are on the common-sense side of history, which will remember you kindly.

David L Enns

Colorado Springs

Recalled senators had it coming

It's amusing and entertaining to read the whining and wailing of supporters of John Morse and Angela Giron. It's as though the recall were a violation of the rights of them and their favorite senators. Bummer.

Morse and Giron were recalled because Morse was arrogant, disdainful and dismissive of his constituents, while taking donations, support and succor from East Coast liberals and radical environmentalists. Morse rammed through gun control bills, energy laws damaging and costly to rural Coloradans and others, which demonstrated he had no concern for his constituents or the state, but only the directions/commands from his East Coast handlers and environmental groups. Giron was a sycophant who followed Morse in lockstep.

The recall was started and managed by local folks, tired of arrogant dictators on the left, who tell us what is good for us, regardless of reality. If the backers of Morse and Giron aren't happy about the recall, they should have gotten more people to support them. The recall supporters were outspent 5-1 by the supporters of Morse and Giron.

Like the song says, from the musical play/movie Chicago, "He had it comin'." Morse and Giron deserved to go. Hooray for those who made it happen!

Todd A. Dierdorff, Colorado Springs


Mental health is the issue

As a responsible gun owner and an NRA member, I have had a bellyful from left-wing progressives describing us as intolerant, backwards, hillbillies and Bible-thumping gun nuts. Opinion writer E.J. Dionne shows a lack of knowledge about the recent recall elections.

Being a resident of SD 11, I was left with no alternative but to work on recalling John Morse. After numerous attempts to have a conversation on what legislation could be enacted that would control possible firearm violence, I was shut out and ignored by my state senator. One of the things I wanted to bring attention to was the fact that all mass shootings have one thing in common - that being the mental health issue.

Under current Colorado law if you are just charged with a domestic violence charge, you're placed on a list through the CBI denying your rights to purchase or possess a firearm. The mental health system is broken and needs to be corrected, if a person has been determined to be a sociopath or a psychopath why cannot they be placed on the same list? The reason that they are not, stated by mental health workers, is the HIPAA law.

If you wish to control mass shootings, we need to address mental health not the firearms manufacturers, dealers and owners.

Rob Blancken,

Colorado Springs

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