Jordan Edmonds has been running against other girls all season, but really, she's been racing against the clock.

The Widefield sprinter is one of the top 4A runners in the state, and she showed why at the Cougar Classic Invitational. Edmonds won both the 100 and 200-meter dashes at Garry Berry Stadium, but she's not close to satisfied.

"It's been pretty exciting to see how I went from a freshman trying to just keep up, to being at the top," said Edmonds, a junior. "This season isn't complete because I feel I can still go faster. I was 12.3 (seconds) in the 100 last year, and this year I'm only 12.2, and I know there should be a greater gap from last year."

Edmonds' fire to consistently improve her times is what has made her one of the top sprinters around. She has the state's fastest 4A 100 time this season (12.20) and is third fastest in the 200 (25.29).

She ran the 100 in 12.42 seconds at the Cougar Classic, 0.37 seconds better than Discovery Canyon's Ashlyn Jordan.

"All we're concerned about right now is times, and we've been doing some things in practice to help the girls get better times," Widefield coach Fred Marjerrison said. "Jordan's not happy yet and wants to improve as a competitor. We've had a lot of good sprinters in the past, and she ranks right up there. She put in a lot of work in the offseason, and she's stronger now from the work she put in in the weight room."

The fact that Edmonds can simply run without feeling a tremendous amount of pain this season has made all the difference.

She suffered from tendonitis in her knee last season, which led to disappointing finishes at state. Edmonds was seventh at state in the 100 last season.

"It's constantly in the back of my mind," she said of that performance. "It was heartbreaking because I knew I could've been much higher, but I wasn't. That caused a completely different mindset, and I'm mad that it took that for me to get serious and train better. I used to whine and complain a lot, but this year I'm putting in more work."

Marjerrison says Edmonds has been a mentor to the younger team members, and her presence on several of the relay teams has helped develop some of the inexperienced sprinters.

"She's done a good job this year being a role model for the young kids," he said. "We're heavy with underclassmen and she's talked to the girls about working hard and keeping their grades up, and it shows how much more mature she is now than she was a year ago."

Marjerrison says he wants to put Edmonds in a few other events these last few weeks of the season to keep her fresh and challenge her. He wants her to try the 400, which Edmonds isn't exactly fond of.

"I have mixed feelings about the 400," she said. "I hate the thought of running the 400, but I've had some thoughts about it, and I think I could be good at it. I would still run as hard as I could because I hate to lose. I won't like it, but I'll fight through it because I don't want to let the other girls down. I wouldn't be shocked if I had to run the 400 at this next meet."