Prepare for one of the Fine Arts Center's biggest productions - "The Wizard of Oz."

Two dogs and more than two dozen actors will bring L. Frank Baum's 1900 novel to life, along with a juicy bunch of special effects. Flying monkeys, a hot air balloon ride, melting witches and a yellow brick road top the list.

With so many props, scenery, effects and staging, a wall of text couldn't do the show justice. So here, in photos, are a few highlights that await you at the theater. All costume design is by Lex Liang.

Expect a few differences from the classic 1939 film, including the Jitterbug outtake that was cut from the original.

"The last thing I want to do is imitate the movie because the movie is such an indelible piece of American culture," said Scott RC Levy, producing artistic director at the FAC. He will direct and also star as the Wizard.

"Baum wrote it in 1900; it's not 1939 (the year of the film), it's 1900. There was a great artistic style at the turn of the century - Art Nouveau. Our art production is very Art Nouveau-influenced. Everything you love from the movie is in our production, but it might appear slightly different than what you expect."


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