NOTE: The Gazette has a team of reporters and photographers in New York/New Jersey for the Super Bowl.

Gazette columnists Paul Klee and David Ramsey have been roaming New York City streets for a few days now. Here are their stories.

Paul Klee blog:

Just recorded this video from Roger Goodell’s “State of the NFL” address at the Lincoln Center (above). Here’s the breaking news: The Commish doesn’t smoke weed.

“I’m happy to say I’m clean,” Goodell said.

Unfortunately for the Broncos and Seahawks who do burn one down, they will continue to do so in violation of the NFL’s drug policy. Goodell laid it out pretty clearly: the NFL has no plans to adjust its stance on marijuana.

“It is questionable in respect to the positive impact,” said Goodell, who added he, too, is subject to random drug testing. “But there is certainly some strong evidence to the negative impact, including addiction and other issues.”

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David Ramsey blog:

Moreno should be Broncos top free-agent priority

NEW YORK – When looking for the top priority among the Broncos free agents, start with Knowshon Moreno. I realize not everyone agrees with this view. Moreno rushed for 1,038 yards this season on 241 carries along with 60 catches and 13 total touchdowns, but those numbers are inflated in the eyes of many football experts because Moreno plays alongside Peyton Manning, who is one of the great football minds in NFL history.

Many running backs, the logic goes, could collect such numbers while working alongside Manning.

I don’t agree. I believe Moreno is a crucial piece in the Broncos present and future success. He runs with a disciplined fury. He’s a rugged, tenacious and effective pass blocker. He’s a superb receiver out of the backfield. He’s one of the NFL’s top half-dozen running backs.

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