Colorado Springs Christian School coach Mark Engesser's nights are usually filled with one, two or three different basketball practices. He's coached club teams, high school teams, middle school teams, boys' teams and girls' teams.

"One time I was coaching four teams at the same time," he said.

Why? Well, there's nowhere he'd rather be than on a basketball court, with a whistle around his neck, spreading his knowledge to his kids and others' about the game he loves.

During the winter season, Engesser went from coaching his son and the Lions' high school boys' team (22-5) to coaching his daughter and the school's middle school girls' team (18-9).

The boys' practice started after school and the girls' practice followed.

When asked about his longevity in the sport, Engesser said it is his passion for the game and challenges in different levels that keep him from getting burned out.

"Coaching girls' middle school and guys' high school is night and day. Just like being a parent to them," the fourth-year CSCS boys' coach said. "You can't yell at seventh-grade girls like you can high school boys. But while saying that, the girls do everything you tell them. Sometimes the older guys think they know better."

While coaching his son Justin, a freshman, Mark led the boys' team to 21 consecutive wins and district and league titles. And while coaching his daughter Megan, a seventh-grader, he and wife Jody, the assistant coach, led the girls' middle school team to two tournament wins in eight tries.